SKIPPY  -   $70   -  36"x44"     Pastel Pink, Lavender, White, Mint Green, Blue on White
                                                                Multi-pastel Scalloped Trim

FLOWER PUFFS -   $75   -  34"x48"      Multi-pastel flowers pop up on White edged in Pink
                                                                                     White Scalloped Trim

HEART BOXES  --  $75  --  34"x46"   White, Double Ruffles of White over Mint Green
                                                               Mint Ribbon and Bows at each Corner

FLOWER PUFFS -- $75-- 34"x49"      
  Purple flowers pop up on Cream
Edged in Sage with Multi-colored Picot Trim

         LACEY  -- $40  -- 38"x38"    
              White and Lime Green
                           Ruffled trim

DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER  --   $80  --  36"x42"