FRIEDA'S FAVORITES Bakery for Dogs &
Our TREATS are crunchy and packaged in heat-sealed bags.  Whether you choose our basic bag of
treats for every-day enjoyment, fun party packaging, or custom-made boxes for special occasions, the
fresh- tasting treats inside will be
your dog's favorite treat.....
just like Frieda thought!    

Our motto is "Make every day a celebration."   We can package for
Inquire about packaging for a major holiday.   We also offer custom-decorated boxes filled with treats to
commemorate your special request.   Dog adoption?....Blue ribbon?....Welcome to the neighborhood?    
You name it!

CELEBRATION bakery items include beautifully decorated cakes, muffins, brownies, and cookies
baked with wholesome human-grade ingredients and no sugar.  
Whether you live in our delivery area to receive a completely decorated cake,
or choose to mail-order for our
baked cake packaged for you to easily decorate.....
Whether you are throwing a big party, or planning an intimate party for one.....
You and your pet will be thrilled with the variety, eye-appeal, and the taste of our cakes.

GIFT CERTIFICATES are always appropriate for the dog and cat guardian, and our gift certificates are
just as appealing as the bakery items they will be ordering.    
Contact us for details.
Do you own a boutique or doggie day care?
Are you a pet groomer or trainer?
Do you belong to a dog club or rescue group?  

CONTACT US to discuss the items Frieda's Favorites can offer you throughout the year for
impulse-buys, customer gifts, grand openings, graduations, and other special events.

We have eye-catching and doggie-delicious ideas to suit every budget!