Frieda's Favorites provides SPECIALTY ITEMS throughout the year to
BOUTIQUES, DOGGIE DAY CARES, GROOMERS, TRAINERS, and party-pals - as take-home favors
CAKES TO GO......            Here's how we MAIL our cakes.
Baked cake, with cake base, container of frosting, personalized cake topper, birthday candle, and simple
                               SO EASY!    If you can make a peanut-butter sandwich, you can decorate our cakes!
TO the delighted doggie......
FROM the mailed "kit".............
....and Kitty!!
We CATER your dog's whole PARTY!
Decorate the room--dress the tables--bake the cake--supply party
We will coordinate details with your own party location or doggy daycare.
Ask us to suggest the perfect location for you!     
Call for Details.